17 August 2021 // 18:00-20:00 // Outdoors activity in Oslo, location will be announced // Register here

Kristin Norderval
Kristin Norderval


In this workshop Kristin Norderval will introduce basics of field recording and how to make your own soundwalks and site-specific recordings. Most phones now have good recording quality. We will use the recording functions you already have on your mobile phone.

You will learn how to listen in an environment and identify background sounds, sounds that are interesting to record, and acoustic properties of the space. We will listen to the environment and then listen to our recordings of the environment. You may be surprised at what you hear in the recording! We will end by making sounds in the environment and improvising together.

When we think of music, we often think only of the individual sounds coming from an instrument or voice (or groups of instruments or voices). We often forget that the space that those sounds exist in, together with all the other sounds in the environment, is what makes up the whole musical experience.

Using ambient sound recordings as sources in your music can give it a unique flavor.
Recording your improvisations in site specific locations together with ambient sound creates something even more special. A one and only unique creation!

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