25 Aug 2021 // 15:00-17:00 // Georg Sverdrup’s house: Teaching room 1 // Register here



This workshop gives a multifaceted insight into contemporary vocal practices: We explore our voices within a multivocal approach. Singing training is not a pre-requisite; all vocal expressions are welcome. Exploring sounds and noises, melodies, yodelling, language, and the unexpected is part of the musical process. We use improvisational techniques based on modules and ideas to research and uncover spheres of the human voice in a playful context. It proposes an approach in which all vocal expressions in their musicalisation are on the same hierarchical level. You will learn to switch listening modes and to develop a purer “instrumental” ear for vocal spectra-morphologies and the possibilities to communicate vocally on various levels.

Recording your voices as sources in your music can give a unique touch. Through sampling and electronic modulations, the voice unfolds a “radical vocality” that is different from your body voice. You record your vocal explorations, and with your personal software, you draw images from abstract vocal terrain, myths, and everyday disembodied voices, which can be sources for further compositions, live performances, installations, and interdisciplinary contexts.

Technical requirements of participants:

LapTop and music software such as Ableton Live, Logic Pro, Audacity, MAX/MSP or others. The participants must be familiar with their own software.

Technical requirements of the house:

portable hardware recorder such as ZOOM H6 or similar, if possible two devises Stereo Activ speakers, cable with a mini-jack to connect Laptops

How do I attend?

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