20 April 2021 // 18:00-20:00 // On Zoom // Register here

Video Analysis
Video Analyis


This workshop gives an introduction to video analysis in the context of motion tracking and motion analysis. Is it a reliable technique for analysing movement? What are its limitations and what are some areas this technique is worth using in? What are motion images, motion history images and motiongrams? We will explore a Video Analysis tool developed at RITMO for extracting simple features out of videos and basic editing. After this we will look at how we can create some visualisations and some quantitative in python. There is no expected knowledge required, as it is an introductory workshop. It is useful to know some python programming, but a Jupyter Notebook will be provided with code examples. You can also prepare a short video beforehand and based on what you’ll learn during the workshop and how much time we’ll have left, you can start analysing your own videos to answer questions you are interested in!

This workshop will be offered by Alena Clim, currently an MCT student and a Research Assistant at RITMO. She graduated from Tilburg University with a Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence degree and is now trying to combine that with music. She plays the piano since she was barely learning how to read and write and after years of studying math, informatics and other sciency stuff she missed music, hence starting her Master’s in Music Communication and Technology. She’s also just learning motion tracking and analysis herself so she apologizes beforehand for any mistakes (weird to write that one in third person, haha!) See you all soon!

What you need to download from before:

  • Go to https://github.com/fourMs/MGT-python and follow the installation steps. Have the notebook ready for the practical part of the workshop.

  • From here download the correct version of VideoAnlysis for your device and unzip it.

How do I attend?

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