Photo of Gyrid Nordahl Kaldestad.


Gyrid Nordal Kaldestad (b.1978) is from the island of Stord on the west coast of Norway, and lives now in Oslo. Her background is in improvisation and electro-acoustic music, working with voice / song, live electronics, field recording and text writing for use ins songs and installations. She has been working as a composer and musician with theatre and dance performances where live electronics and electro-acoustic soundscapes has been a key part of the expression. She is concerned with the relationship between the pure acoustic sound and various degrees of processing. Her main focus is working with sound and text in different forms (installations, concerts, improvisation). Her collaborators in recent years include the Montreal- based percussion quartet Architek Percussion, and the London- based violinist Mira Benjamin, Are Lothe Kolbeinsen and Anne Hytta in her trio Kaldestad, and the project Processing the surroundings with composers Tine Surel Lange and Kristin Bolstad.