Photo of Dana Swarbrick.


Dana Swarbrick is a singer-songwriter-scientist originally from Canada. She is currently a doctoral researcher at RITMO, the University of Oslo’s Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies in Rhythm, Time, and Motion where she studies the intersection of music and psychology. Dana is bandleader of Dana & The Monsters, who perform original alt-folk music infused with jazz and blues. She studied psychology, neuroscience, and behaviour with a specialization in music cognition at McMaster University where she studied the effect of performances on audience movement in the LIVELab. She combined her passions of music, neuroscience, and sport during her Master’s at the University of Toronto’s Rehabilitation Sciences Institute when she examined the effects of high-intensity interval training on piano learning. Dana’s goal is to use her passions for music, neuroscience, and fitness to engage communities and improve learning, health, and well-being.