WoNoMute Oslo
Welcome Session of WoNoMute Oslo

This semester there will be workshops hosted by WoNoMute Oslo at the Department of Musicology (IMV) at University of Oslo and other locations in Oslo.

The semester was introduced by a «sandboxing» activity the 14th of august, where students could come by and try various technology, such as Max, littleBits and other new gadgets that is developing at RITMO. There the students were also introduced to WoNoMute and the coming lectures for the semester and the workshops that during this Fall semester and the next Spring semester in 2020, will be held every month.

Monday the 26th of August there was also a successful workshop in littleBits led by the PhD student at RITMO Tejaswinee Kelkar, with 15 curious and enthusiastic participants. The littleBits are useful as a tool to learn small blocks of circuitry and how they fit together in sound synthesis, especially since it includes projects that explain to a novice how synthesizers do what they do.

WoNoMute Oslo
Workshop on littleBits led by Tejaswinee Kelkar organized by Ane Bjerkan at UiO in Oslo.

In the workshop Tejaswinee showed how to build many fun sound and audio ‘recipes’ from these components and we got a «symphony» of synth sounds filling the room. The participants collaborated in pairs during the workshop, and got small tasks and challenges organized around several small sound-production projects.

The next workshop will be held the 23rd of September at IMV in the evening and will be an introduction to Max MSP for beginners.