Illustration by Oscar Martinez Castells.
Illustration by Oscar Martinez Castells.

For this year’s International Women’s Day, we have compiled some local events in Oslo for you that will take place today.

  • East European poems and Ukrainian and Russian folk music on Kafé Hærverk, click here

  • Concerts with Iron Bra, TwoMinutesHate and Ellis og Mina’s Dynamiske DJ-Duo on Vaterland, click here

  • Event on Melahuset with music,click here

  • Dance event on Riksscenen, click here

  • Documentary about nuns on Vega scene, click here

  • Debate about climate change politics in a gender perspective at Litteraturhuset, click here

Livecodera: There is also a global online gathering of women livecoders, both musicians and visualists that can be experienced on YouTube at or on Mozilla Hubs at

  • Here is the website:

Have a great day everyone!