• An Interview with Rebekah Wilson

    An Interview with Rebekah Wilson

    Interview by Karolina Jawad

    Photo by Shreejay Shrestha. Rebekah Wilson is an independent researcher, technologist and composer. Originating from New Zealand she studied instrumental and electroacoustic music composition, and taught herself computer technology. In the early 2000s her intricate entwining within the tessellating narratives of Netochka Nezvanova became most public as she held the role of artistic co-director at STEIM, Amsterdam, where her passions for music, performance and technology became fused. Since 2004 she has been co-founder and technology director for Chicago’s Source Elements, developing services that exploit the possibilities of networked sound and data for the digital sound industry while continuing to perform and lecture internationally. Having recently completed her masters in the field of networked music performance, she pursues her research today while dis-entangling / re-interlacing her many technical, musical and cinematic threads. »Read more


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