• An Interview with Alexandra Murray-Leslie

    An Interview with Alexandra Murray-Leslie

    Interview by Karolina Jawad

    Dr. Alexandra Murray-Leslie is artistic researcher & co-founder of art band Chicks on Speed. Her research focuses on iterative prototyping of semantic foot devices for audiovisual theatrical expression in water, air and on land. She is adjunct faculty at The University of Art and Design, Linz. Current projects include being invited artistic research fellow, ARTEC program, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) 2018. »Read more

  • An Interview with Miranda Moen

    An Interview with Miranda Moen

    Interview by Karolina Jawad

    Miranda Moen is a master student of Equality and Diversity at the NTNU institute of interdisciplinary culture studies. Her thesis studies newer discourses of inclusion and diversity in the arts sector, and how the understanding of disability in the Norwegian society coincide with these discourses. Starting her music business career 2011 in Berlin, her professional interests soon developed into equality activism in music. From 2015-2018 she was a project manager at Ladyfest Oslo and is now a board member in the Balansekunst association, works at AKKS Trondheim and with the KOSO collective. Moen is educated in aesthetics (UiB) and arts management (Oslomet). »Read more