• 10th Anniversary Festival en Tiempo Real - WoNoMute Playlist

    10th Anniversary Festival en Tiempo Real - WoNoMute Playlist

    Article by Anna Xambó, Karolina Jawad, Ana Maria Romano

    This playlist showcases the work of 11 artists from the WoNoMute network: Tone Åse, Natasha Barrett, Ane Bjerkan, Ada Hoel, Liz Dobson, Mari Lesteberg, Gyrid Nordal Kaldestad, Ximena Alarcón Díaz, Anna Xambó, Kristin Nordeval and Alex-Murray Leslie (Chicks on Speed together with Melissa Logan). This playlist celebrates 10 years of the music event Festival en Tiempo Real, and is a collaboration with her director Ana Maria Romano. The sound creations are framed within experimental, glitch, electroacoustic, electronic and contemporary, pieces where there is an encounter with technology (from an open sense). This playlist has been curated by Anna Xambó and Karolina Jawad from Ana Maria Romano's initiative, in conversation with all the playlist contributors.

  • NIME 2019's Pamela Z Award for Innovation

    NIME 2019's Pamela Z Award for Innovation

    Article by Isabel Nogueira, Astrid Bin, Anna Weisling, Ana Maria Romano, Anna Xambó

    This year the NIME's Pamela Z Award for Innovation has been awarded to Margaret Schedel for her career, her work on diversity and NIMEs, and her co-authored paper 'Women's Labor: Creating NIMEs from Domestic Tools'. We have also awarded Ximena Alarcón Díaz with an honorary mention for her work on migration issues and the paper 'INTIMAL: Walking to Find Place, Breathing to Feel Presence'. Huge congratulations! Next, we explain the context of this award and more details on this year's ceremony.

  • An Interview with Sofia Dahl

    An Interview with Sofia Dahl

    Interview by Karolina Jawad

    Sofia Dahl holds a PhD in Speech and Music communication from KTH, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden. She is associate professor at Aalborg University, campus Copenhagen and has been Visiting Associate Professor in Embodied Music Cognition at University of Oslo. With a background from electrical engineering and musicology, Dahl’s research interests relate to how we produce, perceive and communicate with music with a focus on rhythmic movement and emotional communication. Over time, Dahl’s field of research has become increasingly transdisciplinary and spans disciplines such as music cognition and psychology, music performance, neuroscience, media technology, and music acoustics. »Read more

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