• Sofia Dahl: Looking at Musical Movements (6.5.19)

    Sofia Dahl: Looking at Musical Movements (6.5.19)


    Music and movement are intimately connected in many different ways. Both with respect to how musical sounds and rhythms are produced by players, but also how this non-verbal communication is perceived by an audience. The study of music and movement in the past decades have shown the relation to the body is important for players and listeners alike, proving music to be a multimodal experience. In this talk I will present examples of studies of musical movement from both these perspectives and discuss some of the challenges and questions that arise when studying movements in music performance. »Read more

  • An Interview with Tone Åse

    An Interview with Tone Åse

    Interview by Karolina Jawad

    Working with electronic voice-sound and acoustic voice sound, Tone Åse interacts with her fellow musicians both as a singer and as a soundmaker, stretching the instrumental capabilities of the voice and the live electronics in the improvised interplay. Her work is very much developed through her collaborations, with her trio BOL, her duo Voxpheria, and a range of other projects. Her experimental work with the vocal ensemble started as a founding member of Kvitretten (1991-2001) and continued as a member of, and for 2006-2011 artistic leader of, the improvising vocal ensemble Trondheim Voices. Her work with voice and live electronics has thus been the subject for her doctoral work within the Norwegian Artistic Research Programme (2008-2012). Åse has released several CD’s with her groups and also composed music for film, theatre, various ensembles and projects. Åse is from 2012 Associate professor at Department of Music, NTNU. »Read more


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